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CSP: Alcohol may be factor in E-470 crash that killed 1

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

AURORA, Colo. — Authorities said that alcohol and excessive speed could have contributed to a car accident on southbound E-470 Monday that killed one.

According to the Colorado State Patrol, a call came in shortly after noon Monday about a two-vehicle car crash on southbound E-470 near Quincy Avenue.

CSP said a Toyota Highlander was traveling southbound on the roadway when a 2009 Nissan Xterra, also traveling southbound, approached it from behind. The Xterra got too close to the Highlander. It struck the SUV, causing the Xterra to swerve off to the left and roll over four times.

State troopers said the driver of the Xterra was ejected from his car and transported to Parker Evans Hospital in critical condition.

He later died as a result of his injuries.

CSP identified the deceased driver as 35-year-old Dusty Davis of Aurora.

Authorities did not release the names of the occupants of the Highlander. However, they did say the driver of the Toyota SUV was an 80-year-old man from Colorado Springs. He was accompanied by two passengers, a 75-year-old Colorado Springs woman and a 20-year-old man from Nebraska.

None of them were injured in the incident.

CSP said they suspect alcohol and excessive speed could have played a role in the accident, but are waiting on toxicology results to confirm.


  • Robert Gift

    “Parker Evans” hospital? (Parker Adventist Hospital?)
    Glad that the speeding driver did not cause death to the innocent occupants of the Highlander.
    Seat-belts not worn?

    • shawn

      Thats is someones father and all you can think of is a typo. Let Dusty rest in peace, and my sorrow goes out to the mother and kids.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ If you report the hospital, at least get it right.
        Not the only thing: Glad Dusty did not kill innocents. Seat-belts worn?
        How inconsiderate of him if he had a wife and children.

    • A

      Who are you to judge Robert? You don’t even know what people go through and for you to just jump to conclusions about the situation just shows how ignorant you really are. Yes glad no one else was hurt BUT you don’t know and it did state the “CSP said they suspect alcohol and excessive speed could have played a role in the accident” therefore nothing is proven in the situation so maybe read and comprehend the entire story before making yourself look like an inconsiderate A-hole.

      • Robert Gift

        ^ I be a driver destructor and in EMS.
        Does law enforcement question alcohol or speed if no evidence of such?
        If you have a wife and children, be considerate enough to wear seat-belts.

      • A

        Seat belts don’t always save lives… so that argument could go either way…. and law enforcement has to state all the facts and they didn’t say there was evidence… they said it was a suspicion of it… please show me where it says that there is evidence of this listed in the story… and just because you are in EMS doesn’t make you the know all of this situation..

  • Robert Gift

    ^ Really? Seat-belts don’t always save lives? Who would have thought?
    In this rollover, seat-belts would likely have saved his life since it appears that he did not impact any solid objects at high speed.
    We have had rollovers where the victim was ejected and killed and the vehicle ended up on its wheels and could be driven away.
    I know little of this apparently needless death. Just what was in the text.

  • A

    My brother died from wearing his seat belt so it didn’t save his life it killed him… so your argument is invalid and you are correct you don’t know anything about this death nor did you know the person so i think it might just be best for you to keep your comments to yourself at this point

    • Robert Gift

      Sorry about your brother.
      When we die while wearing seat-belts, our injuries likely would have been even worse not wearing them.
      Sometimes those who normally wear seat-belts fail to wear them when drunk or on drugs.
      Is this not a comment section?

      • Celi

        Robert, it is concerning to me that you ar in EMS and are quick t judge. Shoudnt you be empathetic or show enough restraint to reserve your judgement? Yes, law enforcement would suspect something without evidence where have you been? Maybe in this case alcohol and speed played a role. We will see. I personally agree that both are a terribly irresponsible way to drive. Of course it’s good there were no other casualties. Only Dustys family and loved ones are left to carry the shame bag and they are completely innocent, so have a heart for those left behind.

  • A

    Yes, but with Dusty’s family in mind you would think that you would be a little more conscience about that mean comments that you are implying toward him. You didn’t know him, his struggles or anything else going on in his life and for you to make comments like “If you have a wife and children, be considerate enough to wear seat-belts” makes you sound like a very cold person. Have respect for the grieving family and the children that one day may look at this.

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