Crash caught on video being investigated as road-rage incident

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A crash involving two women from California is under investigation as a possible incident of road rage.

KSWB-TV reported the crash happened Satruday afternoon on Interstate 8.

A pickup truck being driven by Stephanie Pontarolo, 33, hit a silver Jetta being driven by Kelsey Shakespeare, 21.

Video of the crash was captured on a dash camera and posted on YouTube. It shows the pickup following the Jetta and then moving into the lane to the left. It pulls ahead and then abruptly veers right hitting the Jetta.

Both vehicles then spin out of control and into the right median.

Neither driver was seriously hurt.

CHP Officer Jake Sanchez told the station that there was an altercation of some form between the two drivers.


  • Dan

    The direct cause of the accident was the black truck swerving to the right and hitting the front end of the silver Jetta. You can also see that BEFORE the truck “followed” the Jetta then pulled to the left and swerved in front of it, the Jetta was in the far right lane behind the gas tanker then cut to the left in front of the black truck to get around the slow moving gas tanker. That is probably why the driver of the black truck was angry. Not an excuse but I can see the original cause of the Jetta driver cutting the black truck off first.

  • Vincent Wolf

    I do hope the police ticketed both drivers. The Jetta driver started the situation by swerving in front of the truck which was moving faster than the car and probably had to brake to avoid hitting her. Then the truck driver became enraged and obviously guilty of road rage, tried to run, and successfully, the other Jetta driver off the road. Ticket them both but throw the book at the road rage truck driver which that’s never acceptable response. Just a five fingered salute is all that should have been done.

  • Vincent Wolf

    I couldn’t count on my fingers and toes the number of times drivers have cut me off like that Jetta driver did. I might flash my lights–or just honk–to let them know my displeasure or give them the five fingered salute if I nearly rear-ended them and nearly caused a major accident. But in no way does it justify revenge by force using a car to run someone off the road!!

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