Search for missing father, son hikers turns up empty again

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DENVER -- A Minnesota family held its breath as search and rescue crews returned to the Colorado mountain Saturday where their loved ones went missing more than a month ago.

More than 100 searchers tried recovering the bodies of Damian McManus, 51, and his son Evan, 19, of St. Louis Park, Minn.  The duo were last seen hiking near Mount Evans April 2.

Their disappearance launched a massive search that lasted several days, but turned up nothing.

Saturday crews returned with the goal of recovery.

More than a month ago when the initial search began, rescuers were dealing with more than 4 feet of snow anytime they stepped off one of the five trails.

Snow is melting away and searchers hope answers will trickle in to help them solve the mystery.

Searchers from 13 teams statewide covered the mountain.

"Up the top, I ran into two different search parties," said hiker Sable Wolf.

He ran into the group, and then ran into some bad weather.

"It started snowing on me pretty bad, like it is now, but a little bit worse and visibility got a little bit hazy. So I decided to turn around and come back," he said.

It makes him wonder if the McManus’ too suddenly got caught in a storm that would eventually take their lives.

Relatives of the father and son too hoped they’d walk away from this forbidding environment.

"I really hope they find them. Soon," says Wolf.

But it doesn’t look good—not on this day—as Mother Nature unleashes more cold and snow.

The McManus' family will have to wait a while longer to find out what happened to Damian and Evan.

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  • Robert Gift

    So sorry.
    How sad thathey did not prepare enough for changing weather conditions. Such should always be expected.
    Lightning is my greatest concern. Must often get down from the mountains by noon.

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