Crews race against winter storm to clean up oil spill after train derailed

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LA SALLE, Colo. — Cleanup crews were in a race against time to remove about 6,500 gallons of crude oil that spilled when a train derailed along the South Platte River west of La Salle.

Six cars of the train derailed Friday morning. It’s not yet clear what caused the derailment.

A spokesman for Union Pacific Railroad said the 100-car train was headed to New York carrying crude oil.

Saturday crews were able to empty five of six tanks that derailed. They were working on the final tank Saturday night.

Next they would replace contaminated dirt around the spill, but that likely won’t happen until Monday.

Federal authorities have said no oil was found in the nearby South Platte River.


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  • mtnbiker1990

    since democrats do not support improving our pipeline infrastructure and more oil will be shipped by rail (owned by warrant buffett) we will continue to see an increase in the number of these incidents….these are the consequences of democrat policies

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