Residents in flood zones watching rain storms closely

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LYONS, Colo. --Strong storms brought heavy rains to Lyons Wednesday. It is the first major rainfall the area has seen since the September floods. Residents who lost their homes say seeing rain again puts them on edge.

“[Wednesday’s] rain was a little bit of a PTSD thing. We can’t go through this again. We just can’t do it,” says Kathy Burks. She was displaced after last year’s floods and says this year she is not taking any chances. Her family is just one of many who have already put out sandbags in case the river rises again.

Town officials say Lyons is better prepared for floods than it was last year. Since September, crews have widened and reinforced the river banks so the river can hold more water.

“If we have a normal spring runoff and a normal amount of rain, we anticipate that the work we’ve done should be adequate to get us through the spring runoff,” says Lyons’ Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen.

Burks says the progress is good news. Still, she says, even a little bit of rain puts her on edge. “I don’t think it will happen again but you never know.”