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WATCH: Peyton Manning’s solution so his ‘Omaha!’ call isn’t heard on TV again

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NEW YORK — Peyton Manning appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on Monday night, the fourth time he has gone on the show dating to 1997.

He touched on numerous subjects, including the dreadful performance in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Seattle Seahawks. Letterman also asked Manning about his famous “Omaha!” call and how the quarterback doesn’t like TV microphone picking up on the terminology he barks out.

But Manning believe he has come up with a solution so it won’t be heard anymore.

“I think you gotta get up there and just say some really negative things about the commissioner, Roger Goodell. ‘Blue, 20, Roger Goodell’s a no good, you know what.’ They’ll just turn that volume down a little bit,” Manning said.