Airman convicted of videotaping woman as she undressed

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U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. — An airman was found guilty for videotaping a civilian woman without her consent while she undressed.

Tech. Sgt. Jose L. Vuittonet, Jr. was convicted at a special court martial, according to a release issued from the United States Air Force Academy Tuesday.

Vuittonet was reduced to a senior airman from his current rank and sentenced to four months of confinement followed by three months of hard labor without confinement.

The airman, who is assigned to the 306th Flying Training Group, was convicted on one charge of an indecent act after he videotaped a woman without her consent as she unclothed in a residential bathroom located off the academy’s base.

He was not found guilty on charges that he showed the videotape to a female airman and then engaged in a sexual conversation with her, said U.S. Air Force Academy officials. They added that Vittonet was also not found guilty for broadcasting the video to fellow airman.