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Overflow crowd attends Jefferson County School Board meeting

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Overflow crowd stands outside Jefferson County School Board Meeting. Photo: Lynea Hansen via Twitter

Overflow crowd stands outside a Jefferson County School Board Meeting. Photo: Lynea Hansen via Twitter

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — The Jefferson County School Board meeting was filled beyond capacity Thursday night as a large number of community members including teachers, parents and students were left standing outside the auditorium where the meeting took place.

This happened at Bear Creek High School where the fire marshal was in attendance because of the overflow crowd.

Jefferson County teachers and the school board have been involved in difficult salary negotiations. Teachers declared an impasse last month, saying the school board didn’t follow through on a promise to give them pay raises. There has been no movement since then.

Teachers showed up in force to protest. One was seen holding a sign that said “will work for contract.” A spokesperson for the teachers’ union told FOX31 Denver the teachers were there to make their voices heard and they want transparency from the new school board. Additional detail was not given.

The district is still working through its budget, which needs to be finished by June 30. The process is going slower because the board has new members and they are learning the system.

Additionally, they must hire a new superintendent after the sudden resignation of Dr. Cindy Stevenson in February.

Jeffco Schools spokeswoman Lynn Setzer posted some of the events of Thursday’s board meeting as they happened to Twitter:





  • Kae Mechiso

    Teaching is not easy but the days off are great with good pay. Jobs are scarce. Use the free market to hire quality teachers at the fair market rate and let the rest go.

  • colocaver

    They can have a raise when they work a 40 day, 52 week a year job!
    Public Employees are greedy and lazy!
    I want summer vacations, spring and Christmas break, and all kinds of odd days off too!
    What would your boss say if you needed “Preparation” days?

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