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IKEA expands recall of children’s wall-mounted lamps

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Kuslig children’s wall-mounted lamps are one of several that have been recalled by IKEA. (Credit: IKEA)

DENVER — IKEA has expanded its recall for children’s wall-mounted lamps because the electrical cord could pose a strangulation hazard.

One baby has died and another has been injured while playing with the cord, which can get entangled with children.

The recall involves 3.5 million units in the U.S. and involves various style names, shapes and colors.

Those who have the lamps are advised to not use them and contact IKEA for a repair kit.

The involved lamps are:

Bilen: Green front of car

Flabb: Red lips and white teeth

Kuslig: Dark blue or pink domed reading lamp

Ljusning: White round plastic frame with LED light

Minnen: Red, blue or mother-of-pearl domed reading lamp with silver-colored spider on dome

Minnen Fackla: Silver and cream torch

Mys Hjartlig: White bunny on green gingham background

Mys Kanin: Nightlight

Mys Mane: Sleeping bunny nightlight

Mys Rivig: Moon and stars nightlight; cat nightlight

Piffig: White and blue fabric domed nightlight; red, green, blue and yellow fabric domed nightlight; red fabric domed nightlight

Seglats: Sailboat nightlight

Skojig: White or green domed reading lamp with clouds

Smila Bagge: Green bug

Smila Blomma: White, pink or red flower

Smila Hjarta: Red heart

Smila Mane: Yellow moon

Smila Snacka: Blue seashell

Smila Stjarna: Blue star

Smila Sjohast: Orange seahorse

Smultron Groda: Frog nightlight

Smyg: White tubular reading lamp with white metal sides; white domed reading lamp with turquoise metal base; white domed reading lamp with red metal base

Snoig: Light green, pink or white domed reading lamp

Stoja: Blue triangle on red base; white pointed shade on red base with blue arrow

Sussa: White rectangular lamp with grates

Tassa: Dark blue lamp with wooden sides

Tassa Natt: Dancing brown frogs; blue nightlight with moon and stars; yellow nightlight with squirrel

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