Witnesses say 2 dogs viciously attacked woman before police shot, killed them

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COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- A dog owner says police shot and killed both of her dogs Wednesday evening in Commerce City. Witnesses said Thursday the two dogs viciously attacked a woman and her small dog and police didn't have any choice but to shoot the pets.

This happened near East 60th Avenue and Newport Street.

The woman talked to FOX31 Denver but did not want to be identified.  She says she was at work and when she arrived home she found that officers shot and killed her two dogs.

She says police told her they shot them because they "went after someone."

The injured woman's boyfriend says she was seriously hurt and might require surgery. Another witness to the attack believe officers took the correct option to stop what was happening to the woman.


(Credit: Dog's owner)

The owner of the dogs, a rottweiler and a "mix" named Cisqo and Snickers, says they have barked at strangers in the past. She does not believe they should've been killed.

She thinks the wind must have blown the gate open and that's how they got out of her yard.

She says she had the two dogs since they were puppies and she never had any trouble with them before Wednesday. The woman says she received a ticket for having aggressive dogs.

The two officers involved in the shooting were on paid leave Thursday night. A full report on the incident was expected Friday from Commerce City Police.

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  • Jon Trahan

    This is ridiculous… cops need to stop shooting animals for no reason… if the dogs were loose and going after someone why wasn’t animal control involved in the situation? Animal cruelty at its finest, yet again….

    • Sunny Sharma

      Did you freakin miss this statement?
      “Witnesses said Thursday the two dogs viciously attacked a woman and her small dog and police didn’t have any choice but to shoot the pets.”
      If a dog attacks a person, they should be killed with a gun or a shovel on the head.

  • Robert Gift

    So sorry for the loss of your pets.
    Knowing the wind was so great, why did you not secure your gate(s)? I would have TIED the gate.
    Could your dogs just as easily have been killed by coyotes or hit and killed by vehicles?
    How are police to know that they were not attacking but just playing?

    I have broken up THREE attacks by loose dogs.
    A loose pit-bull attacked a neighbor’s dog.
    A loose pit-bull bit our gentle Chesapeake Bay Retriever on her leash in a park.
    A dog came out of its fence and attacked my pot-bellied pig I was walking on a leash on our sidewalk.

    The owners are very lucky that my hands were not injured breaking up the attacks.
    As a classical pianist/organist I would have sued.

  • Jeffery McClintock

    Of course the Dog Owner is going to make a statement “I don’t think the dogs should not have been killed”. Yes, the dogs were always sweet to her & her family. But they were not attacking any of her family members. They were attacking a person walking down the street. Put yourself on the recieving end of a 120 lb Rottweiler fixed on biting you. Pretty helpless feeling! I’ m greatful Commerce City Police Officers have the knowledge , skill and ability while driving around can recognize what a very dangerous situation is and recognize what an immediate threat to a person’s saftey is and have the courage to take immediate action! It seems like the dog owner rather than taking responsibility for HER pets, blames the wind for the dogs getting loose… Really!

  • Gordon Feliciano

    Rottweilers aren’t exactly your average lap dog, so I don’t fault the officers for doing what they did to protect the woman and her small dog from being attacked. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to make sure their pets are secured on their property. Yes the wind may have opened the gate to let them out.. but it’s still the owner’s responsibility for making sure their pet is secure.

  • jmajorfamily

    Knowing human behavior, you can tell the way the family raised the dogs. Those poor dogs are victims of the way they have been raised! I feel bad for the gal and her dogs who were getting mauled. Cops did what they had to do. It’s all about how you raise them!

  • Eric Frantz

    Given that they were shot while attaching people the actions of the police were reasonable. Protection of people ALWAYS will supercede the rights of the dog. While her loss is regretable the fact the in her opinion the gate got open due to wind is no excuse and should have been dealt with before the fact. She is responsible for their getting out and should be concerned about civil litigation that could follow since there is NO one bite rule.

  • Eric Frantz

    Given that the dogs were shot in the act of attacking people the shootings were proper. Protection of human life will ALWAYS supercede protection of animal life.

  • Karen

    RESPONSIBLE dog owners do not have a gate that can be blown open by the wind. It is the OWNER’s obligation to have their dogs securely confined, see that they are properly vaccinated, and spayed/neutered. The officer’s are not to blame. They were doing their duty and should not be punished. If anyone is accountable, it’s the neglectful owner.

  • Sunny Sharma

    “Witnesses said Thursday the two dogs viciously attacked a woman and her small dog and police didn’t have any choice but to shoot the pets.”
    This is a valid move by the police unlike Longmont case where they shot a dog in its own home.

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