Denver Police change policy for some 911 calls after mother’s murder

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DENVER -- A mother's call for help, and then her murder has led to changes to how Denver Police dispatch handles certain calls to 911.

Radio reports show it took nearly 14 minutes for the responding officer to arrive at Kristine Kirk's house near Observatory Park the night she called for help.

Police say her husband shot and killed her while she was on the phone with a 911 call taker.

Sources say there were issues with how the call was handled by the dispatcher.

But FOX31 Denver News has also learned that Tuesday Denver Police adopted a new policy allowing officer to respond much more quickly when there is a suicide situation ... like the one Kristine Kirk described just before she was shot instead.

Though the policy wasn't in place that night, as part of the new policy, Chief Robert White is allowing officers to change their response to emergency when domestic violence calls escalate.

The dispatcher who handled Kristine Kirk's call is still on leave.


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  • Robert Gift

    How long was she on the telephone before her husband shot her?
    Would have made no difference. Police officers could not have arrived in time.
    Best to get out and get away and not rely upon the police to save you.

    (Still can’t see if comments post. This page looks very large, even though View is set to 100%.)

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