View, buy fine art masterpieces during 3-day exhibit at Denver hotel

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DENVER — A global hotel chain has partnered up with a New-York based auction house to present a three-day exhibition in Denver, featuring artwork by some of the biggest names in painting.

Tuesday through Thursday, the JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek hotel at 150 Clayton Ln. in Denver hosts a lobby show packed with paintings by the likes of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Norman Rockwell, Edward Hopper, Thomas Moran and many more heavy-hitters in the world of fine art, according to the Denver Post.

During the three-day display, the general public is invited to view the collection of visual art masterpieces at no charge, but there is more to the story than just an artistic boost to the neighborhood.

Christie’s, an auction house in Manhattan that sells items from movie memorabilia, to jewelry and high-end fine art, supplied the pieces for the show through a strategic cross-promotional deal with Marriott hotel chains, reported the Denver newspaper. And the New York auction house said it hopes the exhibition will spark the interest of Denver art-lovers, encouraging them to consider purchasing the work during Christie’s upcoming spring sale.

The price tags were hefty for many of the more well known names.

Lydia Fenet from Christie’s told the Denver Post the aim is to expand the auction house’s national reach as well as give the public access to art. She said she believes these types of partnerships could help Christie’s appeal to high-end buyers in regions less familiar with the auction house.

“A lot of the art that’s coming into Christie’s will be coming in from a private collection and going out into a private collection,” said Fenet. “So these are real opportunities for us to bring in world-class artists to everyone.”