‘Saving a life is more important,’ Boy uses video game money to protect strangers

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GRAND PRARIE, Tex. — A fire that killed a mother and her child has inspired an 8-year-old Texas boy to help others.

Hector Montoya wanted a PlayStation 4 and started saving his allowance to pay for one.  He had saved $300, about $100 shy of his goal, when a news story changed his mind about the purchase.

Hector said he saw a news story about a fire that killed a mother and her 6-year-old girl. The family died in their sleep because they did not have a working smoke detector.

“I was saving the $300 for a PlayStation 4 but I said, ‘Saving a life is more important,” Hector told KTVT-TV.  “It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire. It really does.”

He took his money and worked with a local fire department to buy 100 smoke detectors. Together they installed them in homes throughout the area.

Hector said he choose homes of the elderly and people who reminded him of the family killed in the fire.