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Mom, 4 kids sent to hospital after accident in Castle Rock park

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- A busy parking lot after soccer practice at a park in Castle Rock was the scene of an accident that sent a mom and four children to the hospital Tuesday night.

The good news is that all five are expected to be OK. But police say there is an important lesson for parents.

"I watched the vehicle hit two children and a mom and it smashed them between the back of a vehicle and the side of another vehicle," Angela Osborn says.

Police say the mother and her four children tried crossing the parking lot at Founders Park. Witnesses say the driver backing his truck out hit one car which hit another and the accident caught the family in the middle.

"The children were under the car and the mom fell away from the two vehicles and everyone went running to help," Osborn says.

Busy parents know sometimes it's easy to move too quickly, sometimes sacrificing safety.  It's too soon to tell if that's what happened in this case.

"It shakes you up a little bit and makes sure you look when backing up in the parking lot," Osborn says.

Parents say it's a good reminder of how quickly things can change in busy places.

Police are say they're investigating whether or not there was a vehicle malfunction that caused Tuesday's accident. Either way, they say it looks like the driver will receive a ticket.