Delta flight, passengers isolated in remote area at DIA following security threat

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DENVER -- A security threat on board a Delta Airlines flight forced authorities to send the plane to a remote area at Denver International Airport after it landed Friday.

Flight 1500 from Detroit to Denver was met by police and fire crews after it taxied to a remote location at the airport at about 4:40 p.m.

Airport spokeswoman Julie Smith acknowledged the flight had a potential security threat while in-flight, but did not specify the type of threat.

Reports Friday night indicated a flight attendant found a hand-written note with reference to a "bomb" on it.

Delta Airlines says there were 151 passengers and six crew members on the Boeing 737.

The airline says passengers were taken off the plane and put on buses. They were transported to another location at the airport to be interviewed by Denver FBI agents Friday evening.

Four hours after the plane landed, the FBI says it had released most of the passengers and allowed them to claim their belongings and continue with their travels. Emergency crews didn't find any bombs.

Earlier, passengers like Jon Lamp indicated it was a strange scene with all the passengers standing and waiting on the tarmac. He did say people were calm. He also indicated there were officers with K9 on the scene.

Some passengers said they were not allowed to take any bags with them from the overhead bins, and they saw crews removing luggage from the cargo area of the plane.

Passsenger Tone Sevy says that almost two hours after landing, authorities cleared the plane and allowed passengers to get their belongings.

Then, a few minutes later, passenger Aaron Baratz sent the following Tweet:


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