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Man kicked in head while doing ‘train selfie’ tells his story

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REGINA, Saskatchewan — The man who was taking the “train selfie” but instead got kicked upside the head by the train’s engineer spoke of the experience.

The video went viral after Jared Frank of Regina, Saskatchewan, uploaded it to YouTube. He told CTV Saskatoon that, yes, the video is real.

Frank said he was in Peru with a friend trying to get to Machu Picchu and had to walk past several train tracks on their journey. Previous trains had passed at much slower speeds so he decided to take a video.

But when Frank started taking the video, almost immediately he gets kicked in the head by the foot of the train’s engineer as the train speeds by at normal speed.

“The train definitely wasn’t going the same speed as it was the first time. It was going normal train speed,” he told CTV by phone. “That’s why the video starts within, like, a second of me getting kicked in the head.”

Frank said he was farther back than it might appear on the video and he was never in danger. He said he was not hurt but “mainly in shock.”

“The truth is (the train worker) wasn’t on the front of the train; he was 4 feet off the front of the train in kind of a thing. So if the train was going to hit me, it was going to hit me before his boot ever reached me,” he said.

Frank added he has no regrets.

“Honestly, even the truth is a little ridiculous and it does make me look stupid,” he said. “But it was an accident and I got it on film and I think it would have been a shame to just throw it away.”


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