WATCH: Southwest Airlines flight attendant knows how to get passengers’ attention

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DALLAS — Mary Cobb has done numerous airplane safety demonstrations as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. But she has put her own comedic stamp on getting her point across.

“My ex-husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features aboard this 737 800 series,” Cobb begins. “Position your seat belt tight and low across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra. Everybody gets a door prize in the seat back in front of you, along with dirty diapers, chewing gum wrappers, dirty diapers and all the other gifts you leave for us from time to time.”

Cobb has been a flight attendant with Southwest for more than seven years, and as the video shows, knows how to get everyone’s attention.


  • Mike Fye

    Thank you Mary Cobb ! It’s nice to watch someone who can add a little fun to a job ! In the future I would appreciat if you would be on my flight! Thank you for enjoying your job !

    Mikw, Castle Rock, CO

  • Jodi Wood

    Let’s hope that no one does complain but if they do, we can only hope that Southwest will see the gem that they have and not take such action as to fire her but rather tell the customer to loosen up and let the attendant be a good example to all other flight attendants. To see someone enjoy their job and make something that is normally a very boring procedure into something fun that gives people a few much needed laughs and smiles is priceless. Geez, if we can’t laugh about life, we should just throw in the towel.

  • Christina Bunnell

    if only everyone could respect and love their job so much as to want the happiness of customers, This should give SOUTHWEST a real ideal of how lucky they are to have such a committed and loyal employee

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