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KFC introduces chicken corsage just in time for prom

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KFC is cashing in on prom season with it’s newest line of chicken corsages. No, this apparently is not a joke.

The meaty accessory comes with a drumstick and baby’s breath flowers.

The company reported that it teamed up with Nanz & Kraft, a florist based in Louisville, Ky., where KFC’s headquarters is also located, to craft the product and offer additional flower suggestions to accompany the golden chicken corsage.

Customers can order the chicken corsage online — chicken not included. It costs $20 to order, plus shipping and handling. The purchase will also earn customers a $5 KFC gift check to customize the corsage with Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The fast food company uploaded a two-minute YouTube video on April 9 to introduce the new product.

Since the video was release, KFC has been using its Twitter account to retweeted students who were asked to prom with the chicken corsage:

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