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‘Homeless Jesus’ statue causes controversy

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DAVIDSON, N.C. -- A statue portraying Jesus Christ as a homeless man sleeping on a bench outside a church is causing a stir in North Carolina.

The statue is on display outside the St. Alban Episcopal Church in Davidson, reported WGHP-TV.

Supporters said the bench sends the perfect message reminding Christians of humility. Others have said it is sacrilegious.

“Jesus is not a vagrant, Jesus is not a helpless person who needs our help,” said Cindy Castando Swannack.

St. Alban’s Rector David Buck said the statue is beautiful.

“It’s Jesus representing the most marginalized of society,” he said.

“Homeless Jesus,” is a statue by Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz.


  • jmajorfamily

    Read your bible people. He walked, slept, ate, showered and did everything else with the homeless, thieves, murderers, etc…It’s a beautiful portrayal of how humble we all should be. Pride, vanity and arrogance is not who He represented. Although, He wants all of our hearts!
    Love this portrayal of HIM.

  • Linda Fedak

    I absolutely love this,and it DOES give the message Jesus was giving us. It brings attention to the needy and we need to pay attention to them, as Jesus taught us. The person , objecting to this, needs to go back to bible school, because she didn’t get the message. She is more concerned with how the statue looks in the neighborhood, instead of seeing the beautiful message it’s sending, she is a very materialistic and selfish person, and needs to pray to Jesus to understand better.Jesus showed us in so many ways to love and care for each other, this is just another way of spreading Jesus word. <3

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