Students take time to help with Hygiene Project

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Working on the weekend was the reality for about 100 students at Denver Center for International Studies. Saturday, they helped kick off the Hygiene Project, which didn’t have a presence in Denver until now. The high school students packed the cafeteria and formed an assembly line, stuffing hygiene kits for the homeless.

Mackenzie Hale is a sophomore at Denver Center for International Studies.  She described what’s inside the bags, "soap, wash cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo."

Sydney Warren, a senior at the school said, "Hygiene products are expensive and when you're homeless or when you're in poverty, hygiene isn’t the first thing on your mind. If you have $11, you'll buy food rather than soap, so this is a way we can bridge that gap."

Warren brought the program to the school after meeting Kevin Williams at a youth conference. He’s the founder of the Hygiene Project. Williams said, "I think it's really important to build up our youth and provide them with leadership opportunities."

Beyond that, these Denver teens want to make a difference in their community. Warren said, "We can't just be aware of that issue, we have to address the issue and this is a small way that we can make the first step."

Hale added, "Even though we are kids, we can do a lot."

The teens hope to continue the project next year, by creating family hygiene kits for the students at Denver Public Schools.



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