Democrats blast Gardner, Coffman for yes votes on Ryan budget

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Reps. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, (left) and Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, went different ways on a largely symbolic bill approved Thursday to block President Obama's executive order on immigration.

DENVER — The House approved a fiscal 2015 budget on Thursday that would cut federal spending by $5 trillion and significantly revamp social welfare programs.

Not a single Democrat voted for the budget, drawn up by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin; the proposal, which has no shot at passing the Democrat-controlled Senate, is basically a political document, a policy proposal being used to highlight partisan differences heading into the midterm elections.

Democrats took aim at Republicans who supported Ryan’s budget, which reduces health care coverage and subsidies under Obamacare while slashing Medicaid and other health care programs, and cuts funding for food stamps, education and farm programs.

Specifically, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee blasted Rep. Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Mark Udall this fall, for supporting what it dubbed “the Koch budget”, a reference to the billionaire oil and gas magnates who are helping Finance the GOP’s campaign efforts and who stand to benefit from Ryan’s proposed budget.

“Cory Gardner is standing by Charles and David Koch and their reckless agenda that hurts women and their families while benefitting billionaires like the Kochs,” said Regan Page, a DSCC spokeswoman.

“By supporting the GOP’s reckless ‘Koch Budget,’ Cory Gardner is jeopardizing economic security and health care rights for women while providing tax giveaways for millionaires. Cory Gardner is sending a message loud and clear to women of Colorado that if elected to the Senate, he will put special interests like Koch brothers first, not women and middle class families.”

The DSCC hinted that TV spots are in the offing that will highlight Gardner’s support for the Ryan budget.

Romanoff blasts Coffman

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, is among the most vulnerable incumbents seeking reelection in Congress, but he, too, supported the Ryan plan.

“Even though I wish the budget more boldly reformed spending across the board, the fact is a plan that wipes out deficit spending over 10 years is progress,” Coffman said in a statement. “For those who say that this modest plan cuts Washington spending too deeply, I have a simple question — what is your plan to address the nation’s $650 billion annual budget shortfall and $17 trillion debt crisis?”

Democrat Andrew Romanoff, the former statehouse Speaker who is challenging Coffman for his seat, released a statement after the House vote Thursday.

“The Ryan budget does not reflect the values most Americans share. It would force middle-class families to pay more in taxes, students to pay more for college, and seniors to pay more for health care,” Romanoff said.

“The House I led balanced the budget every year. But we didn’t do so on the back of the middle class.

“Some estimates suggest the Ryan plan would cost the country as many as three million jobs,” he continued. “Among the other casualties: 170,000 at-risk children, who would lose access to Head Start.

“The winners? Those in the highest income bracket, pharmaceutical manufacturers and corporations that offshore their employees.”



  • dapandico

    Where is the budget from the Democrats?? When was the last budget passed and continuing resolutions don’t count.

  • Bob Fetters

    Small wonder people are put off by politics. The Romanoff statement “The House I led balanced the budget every year.” while accurate would be true no matter who led the State House. Colorado is required to have a balanced budget. I am getting really tired of half truths an inuendos out of both major parties. The middle of America will carry the burden of paying for what ever our U.S. Congress passes as there is nothing to be got from the poor and the top are too few.

  • coloradocommish

    AMEN… Responsible spending and balancing the budget, so that future generations will still have a productive, positive America with some Liberty left, just isn’t good policy.

    “Romo” left out the that the “Ryan Budget” will also exaggerate the effects of Global Warming, increase gun violence, produce more assaults on woman, decrease the number of people that can get through on the ACA website, and reduce SAT Scores.

    • Fast45

      Wow, commish … simply, Wow. ” … exaggerate the effects of Global Warming, increase gun violence, produce more assaults on woman, decrease the number of people that can get through on the ACA website, and reduce SAT Scores … ”

      ??? So, where do you buy your stuff at? The pot shops I’ve seen don’t have anything close. ‘Must be exceptional … Do you grow your own?

      • coloradocommish

        “Fast”… You just gotta watch MSNBC more… The Science is settled…. Simply by submitting a budget… Paul Ryan has subjected us all to the above consequences…. Mr Romanoff forgot to include these on his list….

  • Tom Sanders

    Democrats will say and do anything to spend the country into oblivion…and when they do it won’t hurt them…they are practically all rich and will run like roaches back to their toilet and blame other people.

  • Kathryn Kramer

    I have absolutely NO respect for Fox News! No wonder all of the comments are so full of BS. Yes, by all means, let’s balance the budget on the backs of the poor, the sick, the old, the unemployed and children! After all, people are living too long and the baby boomers refuse to do their patriotic duty and die! Why, if they did….just think of how much money would be saved in the social security fund. And as to the underprivileged children–why they should have picked wealthier parents. But we must take care of the “Job Creators”. Why just look at how many jobs they are…well…creating. Oh, well…..they will…just give them a chance. They have to pocket all their profits first. Boy, you people have a lot to learn about life and you will. Just wait until you lose your job and discover how suddenly you are viewed as lower than dirt.

  • Kathryn Kramer

    Oh, so sorry. I forgot to comment on the fact that so many women will be hurt by the Ryan budget and by Cory Gardner’s twisted views on women’s issues. After all, why should a woman be paid the same salary as a man when everyone knows that she should be in the home and not out working anyway! And single moms? Wouldn’t be in a fix if they only learned how to keep their men happy at any price. And why on earth wouldn’t a woman want to have kid after kid after kid when they know that the Republican party will take such good care of their children…well…there you are again. There wouldn’t need to be programs like head start if a woman kept to her place–barefoot, pregnant, out of the workplace, without the vote, and at the mercy of the men in her life–father, husband, son, brother. Ooops, guess I’ve been reading too much about the middle ages. But then again isn’t that where the Republicans want to take us. Or will they settle for taking us back to the 1800’s and the times Charles Dickens wrote about…….

  • Bob Fetters

    Reading Kathryn’s comments cause this old man to recall one of our former Democrat Governors who asserted we old timers had a “duty to die.” I for one am not ready to die and I refuse to be a victim in spite of what Dick Lamm thought. I recognize that I am where I am because of choices I have made regarding the circumstances presented to me. ~ It would appear Kathryn feels herself to be a victim and therefore no way responsible for her circumstances. She seems angry with men in general and her father, brother and husband in particular. There is an old saying that you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives. That must mean you can pick your husband and if she made a bad choice there, it is not anyone fault but hers. ~ I suggest she actually read some legislative history rather than regurgitating something she heard from someone else. While neither major political party is blameless about the path to where we are, the recent Affordable Care Act was brought to us solely by the Democrats. ~ That Act, among many things, rips major sources of money out of Medicare which has the effect of reducing payment to hospitals which causes a reduction in hospital staff (mostly women); reducing payments to doctors which has the effect of reducing the numbers of doctors willing to accept Medicare patients (majority of Medicare patients are women). There is more, but it would take many pages to list and I think the point has been made. ~ Kathryn, Google is your friend. Check and see how Medicare was last made solvent for a few more years.

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