Street vendor forced to move, does OK on opening day

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DENVER -- In LoDo, the city has decided to enforce a 20-year-old agreement which mandates vendors operating north of 19th Street must be south of 19th or lose their permits.

Several vendors decided not to show up Friday for opening day rather than make the move, but one stand—Diamond Dawgs—did make the move literally across the street.

“I was worried about my loyal customers being able to find me,” said Joyl Watkins. “But judging by how many people are stopping and buying, this might just be OK for me.”

The city indicates they didn’t realize the vendors had been operating in violation of the agreement with the Colorado Rockies and their in-stadium vendors. When they signed the new accord, they spotted the error and demanded that the vendors be relocated.

Watkins says he still might want to explore getting back to his old spot a hundred or so feet away, but for now, all’s well that ends well might be the name of the game.


  • Fred Guadagnoli

    It all about the PRO Sports making you PAY more for less. Inside the stadium/ballpark they have a captured audiance and you either pay an outragous price or do without. I do NOT support PRO sports for this reason.

  • Ann Pirie

    I am afraid the lone vendor might have done “okay” because he had no like competition. I am rooting for the vendor outside of the stadium to make a viable living. Inside, it is a rip-off because it can be!

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