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Colorado legislators consider bill banning red light cameras

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DENVER — A bill introduced at the Colorado Legislature Friday targets those unpopular red light cameras in the state.

State Sen. Scott Renfroe (R-Eaton) is sponsoring the bill that would ban red light cameras at intersections and those equally unpopular photo radar cameras designed to catch drivers speeding.

Technically the bill eliminates the use of “automated vehicle identification systems for traffic law enforcement.” Read the bill here.

It already has support on both sides of the aisle and in both the Senate and House.

A similar bill was proposed two years ago, but it quickly died in committee.

Renfroe says there is more support for the bill this time around.

The Colorado Municipal League is once again the bill’s main opponent.



  • Ann Pirie

    I want speeders checked. Slow down. It is rampant out there the speeders and red-light-runners. No way should these be removed. It is about all of our safety!

  • exelant

    Hooray! Its about time. I believe they’re nothing but revenue machines for cities and counties. Denver has many set up just inside a speed reduction zone to catch people before they have a chance to slow down. I got a red light ticket turning North from Bolles to S. Sante Fe in Littleton. It is a double turn lane. The driver in the lane next to me drifted into my lane causing me to hit the brakes resulting in a ticket. I was not allowed to fight this or even argue my side of the matter without risking a much higher fine – and it was impossible to prove – whereas a police officer on the scene would have seen what happened and not pulled me over.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ They have 13-second video and still photographs.
      How do you argue against that proof?

      Why are fines higher if you go to court? Court costs?

      (They make the fine high enough to get as much money as possible – half to the camera company and half to the city – but not so high that you will go to court and fight the citation.
      They want you to just pay the fine and be done with it.)

      The costs of my 10 citations over several years were higher only because the cost of being served was added to the fines.

  • Robert Gift

    Many red light runners and speeders are caught who would not be caught by police officers.

    On Arapahoe Rd east of I-25, in the middle of the night why do the traffic signals constantly cycle, bringing 55 mph Arapahoe Rd. traffic to a stop for nonexistent cross-traffic?

    Is this so awaiting sheriff’s deputies can catch red light runners?
    (They know there was no reason to stop Arapahoe Rd traffic.)

    • Ann Pirie

      Everything to do with safety. What is so hard about obeying traffic laws. It is about those of us who break those laws having to divvy-up our fair share. Drive right or pay up!

  • David Tesler

    When I was on Arapahoe and Yosemite, I was nearly blinded when attempting to turn left on a green light, and I realized it was from a traffic camera, and it nearly made me crash into another car. These things needs to be gone. And it’s a regular patrol on Speer Blvd northbound nearly every day. If they can’t be “randomized” then they can’t pick their “favorites” for more revenue. They need to be gone, and more police hired. Win-win for the Colorado economy.

  • Codswallop Hogwash

    This is stupid.
    Time and time and time again, I see people running red lights, often dangerously so.
    Far from banning them, they need to enforce them, especially in Aurora which is full of dangerous drivers.

  • Andrea Johnson

    Another big government Republican telling the cities what they can or can not do. Maybe lengthening the yellow on lights in Eaton won’t waste a lot of people’s time. It’s different in Denver. His bill will waste my time everytime I’m at a light. Thanks for nothing. Again.
    Not to mention just more people running ever longer yellows. Yay!

    • Ann Pirie

      You are not to accelerate on yellow, you are to start your easy braking on yellow. I stop on yellow and if you want to tailgate me, you know the rest of the story!

      • Andrea Johnson

        You are not to run red lights. You are supposed to stop.
        If people didn’t break the law so much, running red lights, there would have been no need for red light cameras in the first place.

  • Snarky Cosmos

    Finally, a ban I can agree with. As I recall, part of our system of justice is the right to face our accuser. How can a blasted red-light camera appear in a court of law?

    Yes, speeding and red-light running is a problem; but these things are designed to be revenue enhancers.

    BTW, knock on wood, I haven’t been popped by one of these infernal devices.

    • Robert Gift

      The “revenue enhancers” are to discourage drivers from doing the violations.

      You may go to court and challenge the still photos and 13-second video.
      (You can view them on line beforehand, yourself.)

      In Denver, you go to the City and County Building and choose from their limited hearing dates.
      Then attend your scheduled hearing and listen to the Photo Enforcement agent present his/her credentials and certifications and then their long and detailed presentation.

      You are then permitted to tell your side and even ask questions of the photo enforcement person.

      They make the fine $75 so that you will just pay it rather than go to the trouble of driving downtown, finding parking, and contesting it.

      But how can you successfully contest clear photo and video evidence?
      (I am the only one I know of who has had every citation dismissed.)

      • Snarky Cosmos

        My point is that every camera shot I’ve seen on TV shows a limited point of view. What if you scooted across the intersection to avoid being rear ended? As I understand it, rear end collisions increase at intersections where these cameras are in use.

        As you commented; these cameras are nothing more than money generators.

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