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Demand for justice at vigil for murdered grandmother, baby

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. -- The unsolved murders of a grandmother and her 18-month-old grandson brought together a family and a community on Thursday night.

Friends, family and neighbors of Raelynn and Fabian Gonzalez gathered for a vigil near 66th Place and Federal Boulevard in Adams County in order to remember the murder victims and call on the public for help finding their killer.

The family had just moved into an apartment a month before the murders occurred. Raelynn was helping take care of her grandson, Fabian, while her daughter worked at new job. On January 3, Fabian’s mother returned from work to find the two brutally stabbed to death.

On Thursday, Fabian’s mother was still too heartbroken to speak publicly. Instead she released a balloon that simply said ‘RIP Son and Mom.’

Prayers at the vigil called for justice.

After three months the family has not heard of any new leads or suspects in the case. The Adams County Sheriff’s office has released very little information about the investigation.

“He’s an innocent little boy,” said Corina Pino, a relative of the victims. “What did they have to do it to him for? Or my auntie Raelynn?”

“Knowing that there is somebody out there that was behind all this, you know, you ask how you can live with yourself knowing what you did to a baby?” said Greg Dickerson, another relative of the victims.

“Somebody somewhere knows something and I just hope they come forward,” said Dawn Gonzalez, the daughter of Raelynn Gonzalez.

The family has offered an undisclosed reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest in the case. Please call the Adams County Sheriff’s office with any information.