1 killed in Brighton car crash

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BRIGHTON, Colo. -- One man was killed after Brighton Police reported a driver lost control of a SUV while suffering an apparent medical situation Thursday.

The driver, who was pronounced dead on the scene of the crash, is also responsible for hitting two other vehicles before losing control into a fence on Southern Street, police said.

The crash happened around 12:30 p.m.

Police say the driver, 64-year-old Bill Lemke, is a long-time Brighton resident and well-known accountant in the community.

Investigators spent most of Thursday afternoon trying to piece together the chain of events that lead to the deadly crash.

Lemke crashed into a light pole, some shrubs and a storage shed in Dennis Pirola's backyard. "It was awfully, awfully loud," Pirola said.

Police say Lemke likely had some sort of seizure or heart attack, lost control, and then flipped his SUV on impact. "We're assuming his foot got stuck on the accelerator, went off the left side of the road and then into a bunch of trees into the backyard," says Brighton Police spokesman Lt. Frank Acosta.

Before crashing through the fence, Lemke hit two other vehicles. The occupants of those cars were not seriously hurt.

For Pirola, he's thankful neither he nor anyone else was in his backyard when the crash happened. And despite the mess, he just feels sorry for the driver's family, who along with police, will try to make sense of this terrible accident.



  • Robert Gift

    1:15 fault of camera driver.
    Drunk/drugged drivers?
    My Russian friend said many Russian commonly drive drunk, others are embarrassingly incompetent and others just plain stupid.
    He said many vehicles have worn out brakes and Russians don’t want to spend money fixing them.
    But many are good drivers and the percent of good drivers is increasing.
    5:57, emergencyehicle totally careless.
    6:25 too stupid to wear seatbelts and does not stop in time.
    Religious myth at the end? Laughable.

  • Robert Gift

    Amazing how many we see today not wearing seat-belts, especially Mexican and Black drivers and occupants.
    Chances are we will never be in a serious collision, but why take the chance of no such protection when it’s so easy and comfortable to use?

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