Dad fed up with daughter’s messy room teaches her a lesson

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LONG COUNTY, Ga. -- A father who had enough of his daughter's messy bedroom decided to try a less conventional manner of punishment -- he moved her entire room, bed, computer, desk and all, out to the driveway of their Georgia home.

Craig Schlichenmeyer was fed up with his daughter's mess, so he relocated all of her belongings outside accompanied by a sign saying, "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

"One day I had enough of it, and I just picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway," Craig told Savannah's WTOC. "I just set her room up the same way it's set up upstairs in the driveway. To shock her."

He not only got the attention of his daughter, but his outside-the-box punishment drummed up more than 6,000 likes and 2,000 comments on Facebook, reported the news station.

Following the unexpected public response, Craig assured WTOC Haley is a good kid, adding that she is a great student and daughter and he had not intended on embarrassing her.

Though, Craig's public punishment was not the first of its kind. In February, a Wisconsin mom took to Facebook to reprimand her daughter.

And while many Facebook disagreed with Craig's public disciplinary actions against Haley, the Georgia father said he is raising his family as he sees fit. The punishment is in no way a reflection on his relationship with his daughter, added Craig.


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