Aurora police investigate incident involving possible cop impersonation

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AURORA, Colo. -- The Aurora Police Department said it is investigating an incident involving the possible impersonation of an officer.

At approximately 10 p.m. Monday, a woman was driving eastbound on E. Alameda Avenue near Havana Street when she noticed a black sedan, possibly a Ford Crown Victoria, pull up behind her, said APD.

The victim told police the suspect car had a flashing red dome-like light.

Believing she was being stopped by a police officer, the victim pulled her car into an apartment complex parking lot at E. Alameda Avenue and Jamaica Street.

When the suspect approached her car, the victim noticed he was not wearing any type of law enforcement identification on his shirt, said police.

The suspect told the victim he had stopped her for speeding. She became suspicious and asked for his badge number.

Police said the suspect then grabbed the woman by her hair and reached into her car in an attempt to pull the keys from the ignition. The victim fought back and punched him in the face, which prompted the suspect to release her and flee.

The suspect was described as a black male, about 5-foot-10, with a slim build, black hair, clean shaven and a deep voice. He also had a distinctive two-inch scar on his left cheek and was dressed in a dark-colored uniform shirt, dark-colored pants with a belt and fingerless gloves.

He drove a black-colored sedan with tinted windows.

The victim did not see a front license plate nor did she report signs of a weapon.

Detectives asked anyone with information regarding this incident to contact authorities at 303-739-1843.

Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867. Callers may be eligible for a cash reward.


  • Robert Gift

    Bravo to the woman for fighting off the coward and winning!

    But is such a move wise?
    Better to let the coward have your car than to get injured.
    (If you punch a guy who has HIV or hepatitis and are cut from your strike, you could be infected.)

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Learn some microbiology.
      I’d rather not be injured and scarred over a replaceable vehicle.
      Rather not risk getting HIV or hepatitis from a physical confrontation where you may lacerate your fist on the coward’s teeth.
      One cannot readily discern which criminals are IV drug abusers.

  • John Flier

    I rather doubt this person was actually after the woman’s vehicle i think he probably had something else in mind namely sexual assault. As far as letting him have what he was after rather then risk injury that is a personal decision. Id rather be a victim of fighting back then a victim of the crime but that is of course a personal decision.

    • Robert Gift

      Years ago I used to help teach some martial arts.
      Today the problem with strikes/punches is that if you lacerate your skin on your opponent, which is easy to do, you expose yourself to the small risk of a life-long disease – HIV, hepatitis.

      A criminal taking your used SUV is nothing in comparison.

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