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The best April Fools’ Day 2014 jokes on the Internet

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April Fools’ Day 2014 has arrived. Hundreds of companies are posting their best pranks. We have compiled a list of our favorites.

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Everyday prank featuredMusician gets stage fright, flees FOX31 Denver set in panic

A woman who was supposedly going to open for Fleetwood Mac at their upcoming concert at the Pepsi Center in June loses her cool and runs away during a live interview.

But actually it was a brilliant joke organized by Chris Parente.

Kathy J’s reaction when she finds out about the joke is great.

The Ocado 42-inch “sLablet”

Online food retailer Ocado says they are rolling out the world’s largest tablet, dubbed the “sLablet.”

“The market for tablets of this size is literally massive. Precision-engineered and weighing in at a svelte 35,000 grams, the sLablet has been designed with every consumer in mind, from David Haye to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,” said Neil Simmons, vice president of Ocado technology’s quadro-fabricated division.

The press release for the sLablet says, ”Its next generation 12-megapixel, HD camera features image stabilization so muscle spasms induced by holding the sLablet don’t ruin users’ selfies.

‘Mustang’ coming to Union Station

RTD says they are going to build its own version of DIA’s ‘Mustang’ statute in 2016.

Google’s Pokémon Challenge

The first big April Fools’ prank of the year, Google introduced their ‘Pokémon Challenge’ — an augmented reality game that lets you catch Pokémon characters within Google Maps.

Read more at the Google Maps Blog.

Congressman Jared Polis is GQ’s new spokesman

After Rep. Jared Polis (D-Boulder) was caught making a speech on the House floor wearing a purple polo shirt and a terribly mismatched bow tie, the men’s fashion magazine decided to give him a makeover.

The makeover gained Polis plenty of social media buzz.

Today Polis’ office released a statement saying he is GQ’s new spokesman for 2014 and even saying the purple shirt/tie combo was really “fashion genuis.”
According to the news release: “While we were, admittedly, slow to appreciate the ‘fashion genius’ that Congressman Polis’ daring style represents, we can admit when we were wrong, and think that this move more than makes up for that,” said GQ Editor in Chief Jim Nelson. “I am confident that a wave of polo’s with bowties will sweep across the nation, and we are proud to be are the forefront of this ‘potie’ revolution.”

YouTube claims it is responsible for making all the worlds viral videos; Previews upcoming hits

Bet you didn’t know that YouTube actually wrote, shot and edited all the worlds viral videos. Well they do, and the company was generous enough to release a preview of what they are working on for next year.

HT_manaphin_jef_140331_16x9_608St. Petersburg/Clearwater tourism office discovers manaphin

According to a news release from the St. Petersburg/Clearwater tourism office, a Chicago kayaker spotted a manaphin recently.

The manaphin is described as a combination between a dolphin and a manatee.

Even marine mammal trainer John Widick of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium contributed a quote to add heft to the release’s claim, stating: “To have a sighting of one of these hybrid mammals anywhere is an extraordinary thing, but to have sighting of one this far up in the Gulf of Mexico is truly remarkable and speaks to the cleanliness of the waters in the Gulf of Mexico — and the fact that mother nature has the final say in whether something is extinct.”

HT_chetto_mar_140331_16x9_608Cheetos releases Cheeteau cologne

Cheetos lovers rejoice. You can now smell like your favorite snack.

The company sent out a news release on their “limited-edition fragrance that celebrates the irreverent, intriguing and playful nature of the iconic feline with a scent bold enough to excite and delight.”

The company created an edgy and romantic black and white ad posted on its own fragrance website.

HT_april_fools_kitten_mar_140331_16x9_608Bras for kittens

True&Co. announced a new line of bras for cats.

The personal shopping bra site said they will offer a quick and simple fit quiz online.

They are also changing their sizing from number-letter combos (32A, 34C, etc.) to Kitten Sizing (from Double Newborn to Double Fluffy, etc.).

Google auto-awesome resumes

One of the tech giant’s jokes is a aut0-awesome resume builder.

The software adds some sun effects to your perfectly crafted document including animated .gifs or a Pokémon theme.

Google+ ‘Auto Awesome Photobombs’


Google Plus is rolling out an extension that adds David Hasselhoff into your photos as a photobomb to make them more awesome.

Google Chrome’s ‘Emojify the Web’

“The written word can’t keep up,” say the creators of a new feature lets you translate webpages into Emojis.

Virgin Airlines lets every passenger control temperature on a plane

Google’s Nest teamed up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines to start a program that would allow every passenger to each set their own temperature in a plane all at once.

Porn-free Sex.com


Sex.com now looks like Pinterest, and it’s going porn-free!

Southwest Airlines trip to Mars

It only cost $9,999!

Domino’s edible box




We are not sure how good it would be, but at least you would not to deal with any more awkward pizza boxes.

Linkedin’s cats you may know



Linkedin launched a service that connects professionals with like-minded felines who are also looking to leverage their personal brands and do whatever it is people do on Linkedin.

REI kitten adventure gear


REI is advertising a line of hiking and adventure gear for cats, including lil’ bandanas and tiny little kitten boots.

Spray-on Yoga Pants

enhanced-25835-1396367736-10As first seen on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lululemon has introduced the first line of spray-on yoga pants. Each can comes with enough dye for 1200 pairs of pants.

Worf endorses Klingon Rosetta Stone

For the bat’leth wielding, blood-wine drinking Trekers out there.

Fli-Fy provides the Internet via pigeons

Samsung’s Fli-Fy aims to harness the power of pigeons to give us all Internet access anywhere.


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