Migraine headband treatment reduces pain

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DENVER -- Millions of people with migraine headaches have new hope in the form of a headband that can actually reduce their symptoms.

The Cefaly Headband uses a high frequency signal to dull headache pain. It’s used in addition to migraine medications.

The idea is to reduce the patient’s need for medication, which cuts the risk of building up a tolerance to the drugs.

Aurora mother Mariana Meyer is one of the first to use the Cefaly headband. She said it is instrumental in relieving her pain.

“It’s scary sometimes because you never know how severe the pain is going to get," Meyer said. "You may not be a hundred percent and at your best to watch (your child).”

Mariana said she’s already using less medication with the band, which she uses at the first sign of a migraine coming on.

“It's great because it has no side effects so I'd rather do this first to see if it takes the pain away," Meyer said.

Migraine headaches can be brought on by things like sunlight and noise from traffic. Women have an extra trigger that's difficult to control -- hormonal changes.

Dr. Michael Ament of the Ament Headache Center in Cherry Creek said, “somewhere around when a woman enters puberty, that's when there's a big shift.”

Doctors say if you start having headaches that come along with nausea and light sensitivity, get help right away.

There are treatments that take away the pain, and get you back to enjoying your life.


    • Debbee Winegar

      How is it advertisement you fool if it is telling us migraine sufferers about an new treatment.

      I will try it, though I hate anything like that on my head. I am having a hideous migraine right now and I am resenting your stupid comment.

      • Robert Gift

        So sorry about the headache.

        Why a blue link in a “news” story?

        -Drink lots of clean water.
        -Try using all incandescent light bulbs and no fluorescent lights.
        (The computer monitor refresh rate [flickering] may be bad for headaches.)
        -See if certain foods or drinks increase headaches.
        -Try eating lots of high fiber cereal like All-Bran.
        -Sweat out in a dry sauna.
        -Fast for at least 24-hours. (Only water.)

        I would try the device just to lessen medicine intake.

  • Mary Kerrigan

    Old news. My hairdresser told me back in the 80’s that she wears a rubber band around her head when she has a migraine. My son, who also gets migraines, does this and he’s never missed work because of a migraine.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ The power of suggestion!
      Many have tried such constrictors and they have not worked.
      But do try everything!
      Hope this device works well and can be improved.

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