Gun laws hang in the balance as trial opens

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DENVER -- Just when the controversy over Colorado's new gun control laws had begun to quiet down, a lawsuit challenging them opened in federal court Monday, bringing all the same arguments -- political and constitutional alike -- back to the fore.

Attorneys for plaintiffs challenging the measures signed into law a year ago, which expand background checks to private gun sales and transfers and ban magazines of more than 15 rounds, argued that the new laws are "burdensome" and "unenforceable."

Richard Westfall, arguing on behalf of gun rights groups, claimed that the laws were driven by emotion following mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown but don't do anything to significantly improve public safety.

But the state responded by arguing that the laws do make a difference and that they stop well short of infringing on citizens' Second Amendment rights.

The trial in Denver U.S. District Court could last 10 days. Ultimately, Judge Marcia Kreiger will decide whether the laws are constitutional.


  • Ryan Winfrey

    Show an actual fact that 85% of people support the background checks. Tell me which “mass shooting” would’ve been prevented with a background check. Does it occur to you that mag limits have already been defeated by EVERY (except Tucson) shooter since Columbine by the fact that they had more than 1 gun with them? Lies and emotions do not make good laws.
    And Morse needs to crawl back under his rock. How does it feel to be the first politician to EVER be recalled in Colorado’s history? That’s all he’ll ever be remember for.

  • Sean Hazard

    I disagree with the ban on magazines especially since they don’t prevent ownership simply a retail outlet from selling them and therefore only hurts local businesses. (Buy your 15+ round mags in Cheyenne!) Although I don’t see what the issue is with requiring a background check before selling/buying a firearm in a private sale. It is difficult to provide statistic on what doesn’t happen. For instance what is the statistic that says how often a concealed carry holder isn’t killed every year?

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