Suspect faces first-degree murder charge in Aurora crash that killed teen

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Ever Olivos-Guiterrez (Credit: Aurora Police Department)

Ever Olivos-Gutierrez (Credit: Aurora Police Department)

AURORA, Colo. -- The man accused of running a red light and killing a teenager in Aurora Monday faces a charge of first-degree murder along with at least nine other charges.

Police announced Tuesday 40-year-old Ever Olivos-Gutierrez of Aurora has an extensive history of traffic offenses and three prior convictions for impaired or drunk driving in Colorado. Investigators say he is an illegal immigrant who has never held a valid Colorado driver's license.

Juan Palomino, 17, died when his Camaro was broadsided at Colfax and Dayton by an SUV police say ran a red light at a high rate of speed. Palomino died at the scene.

The teen's family and friends are grieving over his death -- and demanding justice. "Not even a two-minute drive. He never made it home," Nancy Sanchez said. "And we hope and expect that the law gets tougher on these people who kill innocent people."

Olivos-Gutierrez faces the following charges:
-- Murder in the first degree extreme indifference
-- Vehicular homicide (DUI)
-- Vehicular homicide (reckless)
-- Driving while habitual traffic offender (DUI)
-- Driving while habitual traffic offender (reckless)
-- Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both
-- Drove with excessive alcohol
-- Reckless driving
-- Drove vehicle other than vehicle equipped with interlock

The suspect was still in the hospital under police guard Tuesday recovering from injuries he received in the crash.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the last time Olivos-Gutierrez entered the United States legally was on a visitor visa in July 2003. It expired in January 2004.



  • Ann Pirie

    He had better be charged with first degree murder. He deliberately got into his vehicle knowing he was drunk and killed someone. That is first degree murder.

      • Ann Pirie

        I guess I have to go with “doesn’t care.” In my drinking days, I knew when I was drunk that I was drunk. One time my husband and I were driving two separate cars and I had to pull over, park and finish the ride home with him.

  • sgame915

    All he has to do claim “affluenza” like the white kid that did the same down in texas and he’ll get away with probation…. oops I forgot this guy isn’t white or wealthy.

  • Bob Theduck

    Tie in the last TWO judges who did not turn the driver over to ICE for deportation after DUI arrests. They should be tried as accessories. The teens death should fall on their shoulders also. Maybe put a nice smiling picture of the teen over their seat at the bench labeled “I killed this young man”.

  • Oliver Tractor

    Either way society pays the high price for these worthless illegal scumbags in our country. Way to go USA, we have officially ruined our country. Sorry for the kid.

  • Sandra Marie

    Whats the big deal, this is what the people wanted…No license, long history of breaking the law…I say lets give him instate tution, and his family welfare after all he just wants a better life

  • Justin Baker

    Are you seriously asking a dumb question like that Paul? Who cares if he was out after midnight just because he was a teenager? People have the right to not be killed just because they’re out after a certain time of night. I can’t believe you’d say something so insensitive.

    • Paul Kitchen

      Not insensitive, why was this kid out driving around after midnight? your parents let you do that? And I don’t have to be sensitive, sick of all these Illegals taking our tax dollars

    • Robert Gift

      Why out driving after midnight with school that morning?
      Returning from work?
      No school that morning?

      Was Juan wearing his seat-belts?
      We come home earlier and wear safety-belts partly because of lowlife scum like 40-year-old Ever Olivos-Guiterrez.

  • Justin Baker

    Do we seriously need a trial for something like this? It costs a lot less to just hang this stupid immigrant or put a bullet in him. That’s real justice. Instead he’ll get life in prison, maybe, and we’ll all get the privilege of paying for him to live the rest of his life. That’s what we consider justice in the USA.

  • Brian V. Sitterley

    If the defendant is guilty as charged, deportation should not be considered. Instead let us honor Olivos-Gutierrez’ wish to be in the US by giving him a lifetime or many decades residence in one of our delightful penal institutions. I suspect he will pass the long years looking wistfully out of the bars, wishing he had never left his happy Mexican home to seek his fortune in so inhospitable a place as Colorado ought to be to him.

  • Snarky Cosmos

    Yep, the federal Gummint is partly to blame for not enforcing our current immigration laws, and the states and cities are accomplices by creating sanctuary city policies.

    This turd should have been deported long ago, and as someone mentioned earlier…if the victim’s family are illegals…they too should be deported.

    Sadly the taxpayer will get to pay for the room and board of this turd. I can only hope someone in the slammer will shank him to save the taxpayers money.

  • Robert Gift

    I’m sure that 40-year-old Ever Olivos-Guiterrez regrets and is very sorry that he killed young Juan.
    And also regrets and is very sorry that he will not be getting any beloved alcohol for many years.

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