Baby born in remote area off Hwy. 83 in DougCo

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FRANKTOWN, Colo. -- A baby girl was born Tuesday morning in a remote area off of Highway 83 in Douglas County.

Dave Witter, a Franktown firefighter, told FOX31 Denver a call about a woman in labor off of Highway 83 near E. Jones Road came in around 6:23 a.m. Tuesday.

Crews struggled to find the exact location at first, said Witter. But the soon-to-be father. 29-year-0ld Nathan Simpson of Falcon, stayed on the phone with firefighters, and was able to direct them to their remote location.

"When I had a couple of contractions, I knew it was time to head to the hospital," said Stephanie Simpson. "But Karaline began coming out on the third contraction, meaning Nate had to pull over and begin doing what came natural. After three other kids, he kind of knew what to do, but we were glad a Franktown EMT--Peter Rousseau responded so quickly to our emergency."

Witter said firefighters arrived on scene 12 minutes after the call came in, and helped Stefanie Simpson, 30, and her husband deliver a healthy baby girl on the side of the roadway.

"We train for these kinds of situations and for me, while I was a bit taken aback, I knew what to do and everything worked out perfectly," said Rousseau.

According to a news release from Parker Adventist Hospital, Stefanie went into labor at about 5:45 a.m. Tuesday. She and her husband immediately left for Parker Adventist Hospital, heading northbound on Highway 83 from their home in Falcon. But, about 35 miles away from the hospital, Stefanie couldn't wait any longer and began to push.

At that time, Nathan pulled over and called 911.

Mother and newborn Karaline were transported to Parker Adventist Hospital, where they are reportedly doing well.

Karaline is the couple's fourth daughter, said the hospital.

A mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl off of Highway 83 and E. Jones Road on March 25, 2014.

A mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl off of Highway 83 and E. Jones Road on March 25, 2014.


  • Snarky Cosmos

    I’m glad all ended well; but geez this is kid number 4 and Mom & Dad are 30 and 29 respectively, and another station reported they want a 5th child in the future. I sure hope they can afford to feed them since they are good at breeding them.

    Good grief the planet is overpopulated as it is and we have people pooping out more kids than is necessary to sustain the population.

    I sure hope this couple isn’t like one Born Again Christian couple I was acquainted with through work that kept squirting out kids they couldn’t afford until the wife produced a son.

    Note to Dad…get snipped…it’s not that bad.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Many myth-believers in Christian-inanity and MORmONism think it is their theological obligation to produce childen, even when they cannot afford them and cause taxpayers to help pay for them.

  • Hy Sami

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  • Robert Gift

    Bravo Franktown EMT–Peter Rousseau! Thank you.
    Should have just gone home – much better place than a hospital. Have midwife check mother and baby.
    Ambulance bill will be large.

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