Snow, ice, fog cause accidents in Northern Colorado

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CDOT camera looking south near the Colorado-Wyoming border.

FORT COLLINS, Colo — At least two accidents were being reported on Interstate 25 north of Fort Collins on Monday morning because of snow, fog and ice, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation.

I-25 was closed for awhile between Wellington and the Wyoming border because of poor weather, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

One of the accidents in the northbound lanes of I-25 happened at mile marker 284 just before 8 a.m.

The driver in the single-car accident was transported to Medical Center of the Rockies, troopers said.

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  • Carolyn Gallaher

    This is taken from Donor Alliance Report. Now how many actually died at Medical Center of the Rockies during the years
    2013,2012,2011? Your percentages are way off the mark. Did 400 people die in 2013? Did 500 people die in 2012? Did 200 people die in 2011?
    I think you need to tell us. I have a paper that said, 2012 only 111 deaths, 2011 only 112 deaths

    ~1:100 deaths in an acute care setting meet
    criteria for brain death
    • Limiting factors
    – Speed limits, vehicle safety, helmets, DUI laws
    – Decreased violent crime
    – Older demographics
    – Distrust of medical system
    – Neurological care protocols
    • Brain Dead Donors
    – 8 organs possible
    • Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD)
    – 5 organs at best
    Subject: My Story

    Medical Center of the Rockies Scorecard YTD For Donor Alliance

    2013 Total Donors 6 4 BD 2 DCD

    2012 Total Donors 6 5 BD 1 DCD

    2011 Total Donors 2 BD

    I miss my daughter today.
    She should have lived,
    but she was terminated by her doctor.
    The fatal words
    spoken in the morn,
    “No more Aggressive Treatment,
    let’s wait for her to die.
    Though she breathed,
    a breath of life,
    and coughed a little.
    He stood at the foot of the bed,
    and told all,
    “This is a poor prognosis
    and a poor recovery.”
    The best thing to do now,
    is call the organ store.
    The local organ store
    scrambled around,
    like bees on a mission.
    To search the DMV site,
    for my daughter’s driver’s license,
    to see if the fatal pink heart
    was stamped on it.
    Yeah, they shouted,
    “She is an authentic donor!”
    Hours passed,
    The poor mother arrives
    to see her daughter.
    She is met by a mournful doc, he said,
    “There is nothing we can do for
    your little girl, her Intracranial pressure high.”
    The mother replied, “What about
    relieving the pressure on the brain by drilling some holes?’’
    Shocked by the question, the now,
    alert doctor said, “No that will not help.”
    “Can I go into see my daughter?” The poor mother asked.
    “Yes, you may,” said the now confused doctor.
    The poor mother went into the room,
    there was her beautiful daughter, alive,
    breathing like Sleeping Beauty.
    The mother began to talk to her daughter,
    telling her that everything was going to be okay.
    Then the wicked witch came into the room to
    reveal the erroneous on going plan, “We need to
    do an apnea test so that we can determine her brain dead.”
    The mother replied, “What is an apnea test?’’
    The wicked witch replied, “This is when we disconnect the
    ventilator to see if the patient can breathe on her own.”
    But the wise mother looked at her daughter, thought to herself,
    and said, “No, I really do not want you to do this test because my
    daughter just got hit by a car, she is severely injured, and needs
    the help of the ventilator. She is not ready to breathe on her.”
    Whoa! This is the spark that set the hospital staff blazingly on fire.
    The shift, compassion once exhibited was now turned into hostility.
    Mournful faces now replaced by red angered faces.
    The confusion mounted, “What are we going to do?”
    “We need to honor this patient’s dream of being an organ donor”
    Shouted the hostile doctor.
    He put his hands on his chin as he thought of what to do next,
    deviously he said, “We will call an Ethic’s Committee.”
    The parents plead for their daughter’s life,
    in a room full of total strangers.
    The meeting ended,
    “You can keep your daughter’s organs,
    and we will offer supportive care.”
    Finally the parents were relieved, No more talk of organ donation,
    now we can concentrate on getting their daughter well.
    They naively thought supportive care was treatment.
    But soon they found out the day before their daughter passed away,
    that supportive care was watching and waiting for the patient to die.
    Melissa, their fighter daughter died, not from brain injury, but from a law.
    This law gives the doctor the right to deny care to the poor outcomes.
    Because of this law, Melissa did not get any help from her doctors.
    The doctor’s and nurses’ stood by and
    watched a beautiful twenty-five year old die before their eyes.
    The mother knew something was not right,
    so she immediately got the medical records.
    She discovered that her daughter was breathing,
    not tolerating pain, withdrawing her limbs to painful stimuli,
    contracting her upper and lower limbs to painful stimuli.
    She lifted her body, breathed, and coughed.
    Her daughter showed minimal brain activity on the EEG.
    She had a pulse two minutes before CPR was stopped.
    Sleeping Beauty was alive the whole time.
    Yet doctors and nurses trained to recognize the signs of life, ignored them all.
    During those six long days her mother discovered that her beautiful
    daughter was suffering, she in was in extreme pain, she was being
    starved to death, and her daughter was anemic. The evil doctor wrote
    this is probably do to blood loss.
    The mother cried, “My daughter was feeling pain all that time.”
    This why her daughter died because she was deemed legally brain dead,
    therefore her evil doctors did not have to lift a finger to help her.
    In fact they could legally terminate her by disconnecting her from the ventilator.
    A ventilator that is used to help millions of others who cannot breathe on their own
    for days and weeks, but not the brain injured.
    Who is falsely accused of the ignoble and unworthy lie of brain death.
    This group of severely injured, the brain injured have been classified
    as a potential source for a valuable commodity known as “Living Organs.”
    They are worth a million dollars to a group of people called, “The Stake Holders.”
    I call them Stock Holders of free valuable commodities of living organs
    that are harvested from the innocent based on the ignoble false lie of brain death.
    Then her mother discovered, What Brain Death is, it is a ignoble and unworthy lie.
    Brain death does not live up to its definition, because parts of the brain are still functioning.
    All the parts of the whole brain are important.
    But I do think the Sympathetic part is important, it is the ability to feel.
    This is how we can understand the pain that others are experiencing
    because we can sympathize.
    The organ donor will exhibit his sympathetic part of his being
    during the operation that will end his life on this earth.
    He will feel the pain of the surgeon’s knife,
    that he once thought, was designed to help him,
    now he will feel it, as he knows this knife will end his life on this earth.
    His heart will begin to beat erratically as he fears his death on the earth.
    But there is no one around him who will help him from this danger;
    in fact all those around him are participating in his death.
    One at a time, they will pull at his viscera, his life,
    like wolves tearing the meat from their prey.
    This organ donor will be kept alive until his heart, now his face is extracted.
    His beating heart will be taken out of his body and held in the hands of the captor,
    and then it will be put in an ice cooler, or put into another patient.
    This heart is crying out to God for Mercy for himself
    and for all the others who will be captured and killed by those
    who we thought went to medical schools to help all of us to live.
    This is new present day medicine in the ICU’s of the World.

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