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Emergency responders in Aurora fight possible discipline change

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AURORA, Colo. -- Monday night’s Aurora City Council vote on “Civil Service Discipline” may have been tabled indefinitely, but firefighters are not taking any chances.

They planned to be in attendance to see the process through.

The city council was set to vote on the proposed amendment, which would have put the burden of proof on a firefighter or police officer during a discipline appeals process.

If the disciplined employee does not meet the burden of proof, the punishment shall stand.

If the council would have voted in favor of the measure, it would be placed on the November ballot.


  • Robert Evans (@evans_et)

    First of all, Quit classifying firefighters with policeman.

    And secondly, it’s both these professions with their outlandish retirements and pensions that is bankrupting cities across the US.

    All police should be held to higher standards with external reviews similar to a jury system.

    If that can’t be implemented , then dissolve the police force and allow all citizens to carry a firearm. Otherwise it is not a democracy we live in but a tyrannical society

  • Jodi Halweg

    Outlandish retirements and pensions? That is hillarious! I can tell you that what I put in to my pension, like many others is what we get back. If you think our pensions and retirements are so frecking great then why aren’t you doing our job? I sure as Hell am not getting health care retirement when I go. I won’t get Social Security. I won’t get a lot except for what I put into my fund and how I investment so before you start ASSUMING what luxuries we get, I suggest you do your research. Plus, you are always more than welcome to come do our jobs for us any day.

  • Gary L. Shoemaker Sr.

    When I retired, I loss half of my income and had to go on my spouses insurance, as mine would have doubled in cost as a retiree. I got so much of an outlandish retirement that I am back to work FULL time. Check you facts Bob.

  • chasmail

    Robert Evans, you epitomize what is wrong with tis generation of America. Outlandish statements from uneducated media fed ingrates. Police, fire, and paramedic, are front line emergency response personnel. They all put their lives on the line to make your society safer. They all pay into their own pension plans.
    Point a finger at the mismanagement and wasteful opulence of you political and local administrators. They hide in the shadows continuing to cause your cities to smother and die.
    The article refers to undermining the very foundation your legal system was founded on, “your innocent until proven guilty”. That should be your bone of contension, not pensions!

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