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No charges to be filed in connection with 104-car pileup on I-25

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DENVER -- Denver Police blame bad weather and road conditions for a massive pile-up on I-25 that killed one driver and injured dozens more two weeks ago.

The department announced Friday no one will be charged for the 104-car crash.

But that doesn’t make it any easier for the family who lost their loved one.

Becky Newkirk, 62, and her husband were in Denver from Stillwater, Oklahoma to celebrate her mom’s 93rd birthday.

But she never made it.

"She just didn't have a chance. There was no way," says Becky’s husband, Doug Newkirk, 72.

He says his wife of 32 years probably died instantly in a massive pileup on I-25 between University and Logan, when road conditions suddenly iced over.

"I missed 3 or 4 cars on the left side. There was no way to get that car to stop. It was like driving into a wall of snow ... I never seen anything like that," says Doug.

He crashed his 2013 Chevy Sonic into the back of a semi.

He was knocked out cold.

“I got my head banged up. I lost my hearing aid. I lost my glasses. I lost my teeth. I don’t know how I got through it,” he says. “I don’t even remember hitting it. I just remember being in an ambulance.”

He says he blames himself for the crash.

But Denver Police say no one person is to blame for the carnage on the highway that morning.

"This was one of those flash storms that moved through the area quite rapidly. As a result of the dew point, low dew point, low temperature, it froze the roadways," says Sgt. Michael Farr.

And as quickly as it moved in, it moved out. The roads were only wet minutes later.

Plus, police say getting convictions for 103 drivers seemed unlikely.

"We did not believe a jury would find persons to be at fault, given the conditions of the collision," says Sgt. Farr.

For Doug, he’s trying to adjust to life without his best friend.

She was a mother of two, a grandmother of 16 and the love of his life.

"Cold bed. There was always a warm person to hold your hand or something and it's gone. And that's hard," he says.

Becky had retired in May and had joined Doug in traveling the country by trailer.

But there’s one place he’ll never travel again.

"I won't ever drive through Denver. I promise you I won't go down I-25 … There’s no driving away from those concrete walls on the road. I’ll never be there again," says Doug.

Police say they may never know what triggered the chain-reaction crash.

But there’s still about a half dozen people involved in the crash with whom they’d like to talk.

Their names are highlighted in yellow in this police report.


  • euphemismonerium

    My condolences to the poor man that lost his wife and best friend.

    Those law enforcement officers must have been getting tired though after taking down information from all those involved in the accident, because the report claims one of those passengers involved was 114 years old.. Born in 1900? Really? :) Happy 114th!

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