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Dangerous pothole damages cars on Speer Blvd. in Denver

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DENVER -- If you have ever hit a major league pothole ... like one that measures seven by six feet wide and several inches deep, you know how badly it can damage your rims and tires.

Low profile vehicles don’t have a chance.

This was the case on Speer Boulevard near W. 27th Avenue and Alcott Street in Denver, where crews put a street cut in and the patch didn’t hold well in the freeze and thaw we’ve been having.

No fewer than seven cars hit the hole Monday night ... and all of a sudden their drivers were dealing with rim damage and flat tires. Neighbors say over the past two weeks thuds and thumps have been heard along with hub caps flying off cars and rims.

“We just hear noise all day … bump, thump, bang,” said Dustin Astrom. “We just wonder who is responsible.”

It's a question being asked by many who have suffered damage.

And it turned into a big problem for Angelica and Miguel Valdez, who just had a daughter named Mia a few weeks early, and visit her daily at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

They live on Denver’s west side and with only one car, they were struggling Monday night while changing their tire by cell phone light.

“We didn’t see it and just smacked into it. That thing blew out both tires,” said Angelica Valdez. “Now getting to see our baby is going to be a major issue.”

That was the case until some of our wonderful viewers decided to chip in. By this morning, several came forward and pledged to help the couple.

One offered cash for tires and rims, another offered tires, and still another offered both! All we can say is, “FOX31 Denver viewers rock!”

When it comes to who is responsible—either the city or construction crews who we are told made the street cuts—Denver’s City Attorney’s office gave us this response:

“The city is always concerned about the safety of our roads and more importantly, the people that use them. The City Attorney’s Office considers each claim for damage on a case-by-case basis. The things we consider are whether the city had prior notice of the pothole and the documented damage to the vehicle. Residents can file a claim with the city attorney's office and we will promptly address it upon receipt. Moreover, we encourage people to report their potholes by going to and click on Report a Problem.  We want to fix the issue as soon as we can and we need your help.”

CDOT indicates any and all claims for damage from their roads needs to be filed with the State Office of Risk Management.


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