Woman’s stomach pains turn out to be baby

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GREENCASTLE, Ind. -- An Indiana woman who was rushed to the hospital this week with stomach pains thought she might be suffering from appendicitis or something similar. It turns out it wasn't an appendix that doctors had to remove -- it was a baby.

According to WRTV, Mandy Batchelor, who had no idea she was pregnant, gave birth to a son just hours after getting to the hospital.

Batchelor said she never had any signs, except a little weight gain, which she attributed to her "normal winter weight gain." As for the pain, she thought it might have been partially associated with the fact she'd just worked an eight-hour day on her feet on a nearby factory's assembly line.

After the birth went off without a hitch, Batchelor and the boy's father, Josh Cox, were couple left with another issue: scrambling to come up with a name for the 7-pound baby boy. They settled on General Lee Jacob Cox.

“General Lee is my Mom’s grandpa and, then Jacob was my dad’s grandpa," Cox said. "So both my great grandpas -- I just put them together. Plus I have a General Lee car, so it just all worked out."

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