‘Second-a-day’ video takes explosive turn, ends with powerful message

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An emotional and startling message comes out of one of those “second-a-day” videos that start calm and happy but ends anything but that.

It’s meant to bring home the reality of the war-torn nation of Syria and the people suffering there. It dramatically makes you think what it might be like if what was happening there were taking place where you live.

The video features a happy, healthy little girl in what looks like one of those popular videos meant to show how a child changes over time.

But it takes an explosive turn, ending with a powerful message.

The clip ends with words on the screen that say, “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

The video posted by Save The Children UK Wednesday went viral quickly as it’s been viewed almost 2 million times in less than one day.

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  • Brian M Falls

    I don’t believe America is what it used to be. Or, at the least, I don’t believe America is what I used to believe it was. I used to say that one should be required to enlist in the military, serve in the military, and more specifically, serve overseas in order to be allowed to vote. We, as a nation, think we know what’s happening in the world because we watch television; the consequence being that we are all the more ignorant of world affairs.

    While this video is specifically referring to children in Syria, it is quite poignant in its message: “Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

    I understand not wanting to go to war. Who in their right mind would want to??? What I don’t understand is not going to war when we should… pulling out of a region that we shouldn’t… abiding by rules that allow villains to keep breathing…

    I know that my ‘extreme’ conservative views aren’t embraced. I’m okay with that. But any rational thinking person would agree. Do work. Kill the leaders. Do it publicly. If someone invades a country, kills women and children, suppresses freedom, targets Christians (Not a hate crime in our countries eyes… Isn’t that odd? That’s another rant…) , of does some other nefarious and dastardly deed, they should be shot, along with their ‘cabinet’ and drug through the streets as an example to others who might consider doing the same.

    Sending money won’t save the children. Killing those who oppress them is what will save them. Harsh? Absolutely. But not nearly as cruel as allowing it to continue.

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