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Fitness program for cancer patients builds physical, emotional strength

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Cancer patients are amazing people, taking on the battle of their lives with courage and grace.

An Englewood doctor has made a huge difference by bringing cancer patients together in a special way.

Dr. Dennie Dorall has started a fitness class at the Englewood Recreation Center, which is designed to improve a patient’s ability to fight the disease.

“’I combine light fitness, some of my training with the Susan G. Komen programs, lymphedema treatment and massage treatment,” Dorall said.

This formula has helped cancer survivors find a new normal.

Dr.  Julie Massaro said the class is giving her both physical and emotional strength.

She added, “It makes me feel like I’m getting back to being normal again, and that is really important to me.”

Patients also said the class helps them bridge the communication gap they sometimes experience as they are combating their disease.

Cancer survivor John Shisler said, “People don’t know what’s going on in your head and, sometimes, just a smile or a look can be enough to get through the day.”

Dorall started the class because her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sadly, her friend passed last fall.

The loss further fueled Dorall’s mission to help as many patients as she can.

“Somebody has to be there,  and I like to think that I’m here, and I listen,” she said.

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