What happens when strangers pass a shivering boy without a coat?

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A children’s charity has released a video showing the kindness of strangers while also promoting a campaign to help others.

The video shows an 11-year-old boy at an Oslo, Norway bus stop. The boy has no jacket and is clearly cold.

A camera films his encounters with strangers, the majority of whom offer their coats or gloves to the boy.

The social experiment was filmed by the Norwegian branch of SOS Children’s Villages International, reported the Huffington Post.

The charity is a part of a campaign to provide warm clothing for displaced children in Syria.

“People should care as much about children in Syria as they care about this boy,” Synne Rønning, the information head of SOS Children’s Villages Norway, told The Local. She also noted that the child was a volunteer who was never in any danger during the filming.



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