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Man guilty of attacking, trying to rape 15-year-old girl

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — A 21-year-old man was found guilty Thursday of attacking a 15-year-old girl and trying to rape her last year.

Xavier Sebastian McDaniel was found guilty after just one day of deliberation. The jury convicted him of three felony counts, said court spokeswoman Pam Russell.

Prosecutors said McDaniel attacked the girl on April 4 while she was watching TV in her apartment in Littleton. McDaniel lived in the same apartment building as the girl and walked into her home though a closed, but unlocked door.

After McDaniel entered the girl’s apartment, he demanded she take off her tank top, Russell said. She refused and that when he attacked her, “repeatedly punching her in the face and head,” Russell said.

“Get ready to die,” he allegedly said at one point.

The girl fought McDaniel and tried to get away. At one point McDaniel put his hand over her face. She bit him, drawing blood, Russell said.

McDaniel dragged the girl into a bedroom and forced her onto a bed. The girl continued to struggle, Russell said, eventually getting loose and ran away.

After the girl saw McDaniel leave, she called 911. While at the hospital, the girl was able to give sheriff’s deputies enough information to form a composite sketch and a description of McDaniel’s vehicle.

During the trial, forensics experts testified that McDaniel’s blood was found at the girl’s clothes and comforter.

Russell said the victim suffered cuts, bruising and a fractured tooth from the attack.

McDaniel will be sentenced April 17. He faces a minimum of 10 years in prison and potentially a life sentence.


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