McDonald’s worker ‘fired’ after paying for firefighters’ food

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A good deed gets a worker at a McDonald’s in New York State fired.

Heather Levia thought she was doing something good when she paid for breakfast for firefighters who worked hard on a nearby house fire.

She paid around $90 to cover several breakfast sandwiches for the firefighters. She just wanted to show appreciation for everything the firefighters do for the community.

Then another group of firefighters came through. She asked if management would pay for their bill — around $70 — but her boss said no. So she and other workers paid out of their own pockets for those meals as well.

When the firefighters found out Levia and other employees paid out of their own pockets, the firefighters called management to complain about that decision. They appreciated the employees’ gesture, but didn’t want them to have to pay for it.

Heather says she was technically fired for swearing at a superior, but still thinks what happened to her is wrong.

“I wish that things didn’t have to be the way they are. And if losing my job is going to speak out to the community, then that’s what it’s going to do,” Levia says.

“It was a shock. We certainly regret the fact she lost her job. We can’t speak on corporate policy, because we don’t know the background of it,” says Allegany Fire media officer Gordon Scott.

Heather is the mother of twin girls and she’s working to put herself through nursing school.

She has received two job offers since McDonald’s fired her.


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