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Dangerous drinking game gains popularity on web, turns deadly

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DENVER -- A dangerous and deadly drinking game is turning into an online sensation.

Exactly where the game started is up for debate, but it’s everywhere now thanks to social media.

Neknominate is a challenge to drink a lot of alcohol quickly and do an activity. After drinking, the person nominates a friend or two or three to outdo the drinker in the next 24 hours. The whole game is performed on camera.

The challenges are now so outlandish the game is blamed for the deaths of at least four young men. A light version has already been reported by students at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Right now in the game, the player simply has to chug one beer in a unique place. But every time someone new is nominated the stunts and drinking increase in wildness.

Dr. Donald Misch is the Director of the Wardenburg Health Center at CU. He says, “It's simply a terrible idea."

After reviewing videos of young adults hammering nails into their privates and skateboarding down highways after consuming crazy concoctions he says, “The most obvious thing that can happen to you is you can die."

He knows students are highly susceptible to peer pressure and warns drinking large amounts of alcohol quickly can be fatal, even without the following stunts. It’s possible to choke on vomit while unconscious, stop breathing, or suffer heart failure. He says, “Don’t do this. It’s just not worth it. It’s dangerous.”

CU student David Klug says, “I understand the whole peer pressure thing, but if you're not enjoying something why do it? And if there are people making you do something you're not going to enjoy, why hang out with them?"


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