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Abandoned CU Hospital in Denver a hot spot for crime

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DENVER -- The abandoned University of Colorado Hospital and school campus at E. 9th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Denver has become a home for crime.

The school left the campus more than six years ago, and police are always at the site fighting crime.

Most recently, they arrested a suspect who they say had about 150 pounds of copper cable.

Boris Sanchez has more information about the problem in his video report.


  • Thomas Stines

    Maybe this corrupt city ought to force the owners of this building to “fix” the problem by destroying the building.

    If an ordinary private citizen were to own, say an abandoned house that was a nuisance, guaranteed the city would force that owner to take corrective measures.

    Money buys politicians.

  • dougsmith42

    6 years later is not a mistake. Leave it to the news to expose such unjustice. If it weren’t for places like this, criminals wouldn’t have work and police wouldn’t have jobs. Just like arsonists & firefighters. The never ending cycle of corruption and inside jobs makes the world a better place, so we think.

  • D.R. Commish

    Can’t they post some signs that say “This is a Crime-Free Zone”…
    People who are intent to do harm to others, and their property, will read them, and take their desire to do damage elsewhere….

  • Jeff Bender

    I hope you were joking, a sign saying “crime free zone” will only encourage people to vandalize, etc. You are making them aware that it is deserted building. Kinda like the woman that called the radio station and wanted to move the deer crossing sign off the highway and to a school zone, because its dangerous to have deer crossing the highway at that spot(she hit two there).

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