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Good ideas about how to cope with the ‘Broncos Blues’

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DENVER -- Broncos fans couldn't believe what happened to their team in the Super Bowl.

Did the record-setting Denver Broncos just get trampled by the Seattle Seahawks, only scoring one TD and a two-point conversion? Say it ain’t so! In the past, the Broncos have let an unknown running back go for more than 200 yards in the big game, let Doug Williams rack up the most lop-sided Super Bowl win and now allow Seattle to record the third most lop-sided win. Records … we got records!

“We were all ready for the party, then the first snap happened,” said Stacey Linn, who is using the loss as a life-lesson for her kids. “I just told them sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, what makes you better is being good at both.”

For guys playing lunch-time basketball, this loss was almost like an air-ball from the corner. “We didn’t know what team showed up … was that the Broncos?” asked Eric Zaporian. Courtney Samuel said, “They are professional and get paid a lot for doing what they do, if they can get over it … we need to as well.”

A bad day at Black Rock for sure for the home team, but as banners – blue and orange— still wave in Mile High, Dr. Doug Jowdy, who has counseled Olympic and youth athletes alike, says use what the Seahawks did to let your kids know the importance of being a good winner as well as a good loser, as Peyton Manning was when the final seconds ticked away.

“Determination, hope, strength and heart are lessons kids can take away from the game, knowing how to take a whipping and keep on ticking so to speak!”

Hey, if your blue funk continues, just stay positive … there are only 363 days until SB XLIX! Go Broncos!


  • Jodi Allen

    Disappointing Super Bowl for sure, BUT, it doesn’t take anything away from the fantastic record breaking season the Broncos thrilled all of us with! Go Broncos!

  • Sumting Wong

    One good form of therapy is; if you see a Bronco in public, frown and give them the thumbs down! By empowering your emotional expression of depression, you will feel better, and the Broncos will feel your humiliation of cheering for a total failure of a team. Never again will I get my hopes up for the Donkeys.

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