Our favorite oddball moments of Super Bowl XLVIII

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Super Bowl? More like Super Bust!

The team that set a record for most points in the NFL this season almost set another Sunday night: team to score zero points in a Super Bowl. Fortunately, the Denver Broncos managed eight measly points late in the game to avoid that ignominy.

Still, the Seattle Seahawks delivered a brutal crushing. A 43-8 crushing.

But the Super Bowl stopped being about just the game a long time ago. It’s about the ads, the halftime show, the social media reaction.

More than 24.9 million tweets were sent about the game and halftime show, Twitter reported; 24.1 million were sent in 2013.

Joe Namath’s coat

First there was Joe Namath’s coat. Despite worries of snow and bitterly cold temperatures ahead of the game, the weather in East Rutherford was 46 degrees.

Apparently no one told Namath. During the coin toss he stole the show with a giant fur coat. He also jumped the gun, tossing the coin too early.  Fortunately a referee was there for the interception.

Meanwhile, PETA took issue with the coat in a tweet saying “How many animals died to make Joe Namath’s fur coat?”

Twitter jokes

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