UT bill would ban transgender use of school restrooms

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SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah lawmaker proposed a bill this week that would require students to use school restrooms corresponding to the gender they were born with.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Rep. Mike Kennedy introduced legislation that would require all students, including transgender students, to use the school restroom that corresponds with the gender identified on their birth certificates or by a medical expert.

Kennedy said he proposed the bill in response to a recently passed California law that permits transgender pupils to choose the restroom they are most comfortable using.

The representative added that, at least to his knowledge, this is currently not an issue at any Utah schools, and his proposed bill would allow transgender students to ask for special accommodations like a private bathroom.

Equality Utah executive director Brandie Balken said the legislation is “at least misguided and at worst cruel.”

She added that requiring families to provide documentation surrounding a child’s gender at birth “is an invasion of privacy.

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