Governor renames Colo. 14ers for Denver Broncos

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DENVER — Gov. John Hickenlooper announced a proclamation Wednesday that temporarily renames Colorado’s tallest mountaintops after active Denver Broncos players.

According to a release from the governor’s office, Colorado’s highest peaks will go by their Broncos names for one day only, Super Bowl Sunday.

“We are proud of the majestic mountains in Colorado, which is home to 53 14ers — the same number of players on the Denver Broncos’ active roster,” said Hickenlooper in Wednesday’s release.

The governor renamed Mt. Elbert for Peyton Manning, Mt. Massive after Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton, Grays Peak for Eric Decker and Capital Peak after Champ Bailey.

He provided a full list of the renamed peaks online, which are ranked by size and the players the peaks are renamed for. The governor included short comparisons between the mountains peaks and the corresponding Broncos player.

Hickenlooper also poked jovially at Seattle’s brewing capabilities, saying the city “makes some, well, OK beer.”