Denver continues push to host Super Bowl

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DENVER -- The city of Denver is already looking toward the Super Bowl in 2019, but all eyes are glued on New Jersey this weekend because it could very well factor into our own super ambitions.

One fan said, “If I was a player and I worked eight or nine months out of the year, hard, to get a Super Bowl, I'd want to go to a beach afterward.”

But Denver’s top brass is hoping the Rocky Mountains are a better lure.

Aside from having winter activities nearby, Ken Chin; the Executive Director of Visit Denver, touts our centrally located airport, the new rail line that will connect DIA to Union Station and he says there’s more than 9,000 hotel rooms downtown.

"Combine that with a world class football stadium, a great Broncos organization, bright blue skies and we think you've got a pretty compelling argument to host the super bowl in Denver,” Chin added.

But, it may not be a question of whether the city can handle it. The weather may be an issue and it's days like Monday, that could be a concern.

Still though, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says that is what it’s all about. "We played in all sorts of weather. In fact, there's a reason why we choose the fall,” he said.

Both the Mayor and Chin are quick to point out that the AFC Championship game was picture perfect in the Mile High just two weeks ago. Chin said, "It was 65 degrees and sunny with bright blue skies in Denver."

Now they’re both headed to New York this week to cheer on the Broncos and to do a little homework.

The Mayor said, "Because of our interests in the Super Bowl, I think we'll be looking at logistics a little more closely, how they handle it, and things we'll need to put in place as well.” He added, "I think we still have a good case to make for the NFL to bring the Super Bowl to Denver."

It is still a wait and see game since the NFL won’t announce the finalists until October of 2014.