VIDEO: Chipotle to launch unconventional series targeting factory farming

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DENVER — Colorado-founded burrito chain Chipotle has released some unconventional ads in the past, but the campaign it has on tap for Super Bowl Sunday is the grandest, riskiest yet.

“Farmed and Dangerous” will be a four-part comedy series on the video streaming service Hulu. If the preview is any indication, this will be an actual show with an actual plot and actual actors (including Ray Wise).

What it won’t have, according to insiders, is much actual product placement for Chipotle.

“‘Farmed and Dangerous’ is meant to strike large emotional chords — it’s not about selling burritos,” Daniel Rosenberg, whose production company Piro worked on the project, told the New York Times.

The plot seems to center on the evils of industrial farming, which jibes with Chiptole’s previous forays into scripted TV. The chain has previously made Pixar-esque animated videos that hit the same points.

Chipotle, of course, makes a point of being conscientious about its own supply chain. While some sustainable food advocates have criticized the approach as little more than a marketing strategy, Chipotle has done more than most big brands, labeling any GMO ingredients it uses and taking other steps to pull back the food production curtain.


  • dswhit64

    Tom- Chipotle is no longer part of McDonalds. All kinds of people eat there. See that Smiley? That is the proper use of there. (Their is the word you should have used). B, people who have jobs eat there. Chipotle is one of the better food chains with their quality of food and how they treat their employees. Turning over a race card is not necessary.

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